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Free SRTM X-SAR data!

The DLR SRTM X-SAR digital elevation models (DEMs) are now available at no cost! You have to be an EOWEB registered user and login with your user name and password in order to access the data. In addition to placing a regular product order in EOWEB for up to one hundred tiles of SRTM X-SAR DEM or image data, the SRTM X-SAR DEM data can be downloaded in bulk from the SRTM FTP-Server. The DEMs are provided in packages of 10 by 10 degrees. Upon login, follow the link 'Download SRTM Data' at the top of the EOWEB homepage to directly download the SRTM DEM data via FTP.

More information on the SRTM X-SAR mission, on data and conditions of use is available here. The DLR SRTM website provides additional information and documents related to the mission. A description of the SRTM X-SAR DEM data format is available from this site as well.

The DLR SRTM DEM data can be downloaded at no cost. The use of the data is governed by the conditions of use specified in this document. The DLR X-SAR SRTM DEMs are experimental products and are provided as is on a best effort basis. No warranty of any kind is given.

Access the SRTM X-band data via EOWEB